Autumn Leaves

As I prepare for the arrival of Old Man Winter I can’t help but feel somewhat saddened and melancholic at the departure of summer.  The sun goes down by seven o’clock robbing me of those late evening summertime walks.  The mornings are dark and you wonder why your drive to work feels like the middle of the night, followed by the thought of why you chose to live in a place that only gets four months of summer.  Maybe it’s a little bit of seasonal affect disorder setting in?  Perhaps, but I like to think that I’m justified in feeling this way.  Alberta’s summers are truly just too short.  No sooner do they begin, they’re ending.

The other day, my fiancee and I decided to visit Edmonton’s river valley.  Immediately I thought, “wait a minute”, we have so much to offer here.  I started thinking about this time of year and all the cool things about it.  I looked around and as a smile crossed my face I was reminded how fortunate we are to live in such a place. Edmonton

Chinese GardenFor those who have ever walked along the river valley in Edmonton this time of year will most definitely recall the brilliant and vivid palette of colors that cover the landscape.  If you live in Edmonton and have not taken the time to stroll along its trails during the fall season, you absolutely must.  It is one of the most breathtaking and picturesque displays of beauty Mother Nature can offer, and it’s FREE!  Image2Make sure you take a camera as you’ll certainly want to take pictures.  Or perhaps you’re one of those individuals who would rather not try and capture in a picture, the essence of what one experiences when surrounded by such magnificent scenery.  Take your family, or share it with a friend, a pet, a partner.  Whichever you decide makes no difference on how you want to spend your time there.  What I can say for certain is that in this fast paced crazy life most of us live, we can certainly benefit from a slow down.  You will not regret the time taken to experience Edmonton’s River Valley this time of year.

After such a wonderful day, I started thinking about all the other cool things fall has to offer in this city.  There are quite a few that we are lucky to have.  However, as we are so close to Halloween I thought I’d take the time and guide you to some resources that a person should check out if they are fans of this holiday.  For those of you who like a good scare, I have attached the link to CISN Country’s blog on Free Haunted Houses that are around our city this year.  There are addresses to all of them and a variety that will accommodate any age.  For a guaranteed frightening time that only the strongest can stomach, and one that I’ve personally visited is the Deadmonton Haunted House.  This one will cost you $24 and is lined up every night, but be warned, it is not for the faint of heart.  They use live actors who are quite skilled in creating feelings of horror.  If you are one of those that wants to know the places that actually claim to be haunted.  Have a look at this list of the 10 Most Haunted Places around Edmonton.

I am always amazed at how much Halloween spirit there is in our city, and I enjoy justIMG_0032 ELSAdriving around and taking in the creativity and imaginations of our community.  For some, like Dentist Elsa Oberg of Refresh Dental,  it is a holiday that she is more fond of than Christmas.  She spends countless hours every year getting the perfect costume together and decorates extravagantly to host an annual Halloween event.

Screenshot-2017-10-19 Popular 'Walking Dead' Halloween display in Alberta in jeopardyOr like this house in Stony Plain which I drive by everydayIMG_6310 and watch as this family decorates their home from the beginning of October.  Every year they choose a theme and take donations in their coffin for the food bank.  A few years ago the theme was from “The Walking Dead” television series.  This year they were constructing a Ferris Wheel to add to their Carnival Theme.

Whatever you desire is, there is something for everyone to help you encompass the spirit of Halloween this season.  Take the time and enjoy many of the great events that are held around our city these next few weeks.  You’ll likely stumble upon something you’ve never experienced or seen before.  I promise you will go home feeling grateful and appreciative for this time of year, and Old Man Winter’s appearance won’t seem so daunting.



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