Get Lost

“Getting lost is a good way to find yourself.” – Anonymous

This past weekend my fiancee and I shared in another favorite pastime of the fall season.  We spent our afternoon getting lost in a field of corn.  The creation of Edmonton’s Corn Maze has been around since 2001 and is just one of a string of mazes you can find around the world.  If you’ve never wandered through a corn maze then you best hurry as your opportunity to do so this year is quickly approaching its end.

corn mazeEvery year Edmonton develops their corn maze to a particular theme and is sponsored by a group or company.  Have a look at their website for photos of past year themes as they are truly something spectacular.  This years theme is sponsored by a local video game company called “BioWare”, and the maze is designed around one of their upcoming games titled “Anthem”.  The maze is truly a magnificent sight from the air and you can spend an entire day with your family enjoying all the activities and sights.

For my fiancee and I, we’re always looking for quality time to relax, share each other’s company and wind down from what usually was a very busy week.  Many of these activities you’ll come across countless others who are there to do the same, and everyone is extremely polite to take time and help you get a photograph, or partake in simple conversation about the maze, event or just life in general.  My opinion of these moments, which are often expressed through many of my blogs, are the characteristics of life that make it rich and complete.  There is no race to finish the maze, no deadline, and if you manage to follow all the right paths, you can walk through it in a half hour.  IMG_6347However, one wrong turn will lead you to minutes, if not hours, in the wrong direction.  This to me is the pleasure of the corn maze, and I find the objective really is to get lost.  Erol Ozan said that, “some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” There is a lot of truth to this and it is always in the back of my mind when traveling.  However, during everyday life I often forget this philosophy and need to remind myself that it applies to smaller adventures also.  The Corn Maze is one of these adventures, and one that you’ll be rewarded for if you allow yourself to get lost.  You will encounter many others who are lost and have stopped for a photo, or to take a sip of coffee.  Couples are holding hands and enjoying a bag of delicious popcorn they IMG_6342purchased before entering the maze.  Others are following their young ones who are desperately seeking to find a way out, but everyone is enjoy being outdoors before the arrival of winter.  The experience is incredibly relaxing and is part of a collective group of people finding peace and simplicity in our crazy, fast-paced world.  I encourage you to take your camera as there are plenty of photo opportunities for a family fall picture, or maybe that Christmas photo that many of us send out to loved ones.  There is no shortage of individuals who are courteous and kind enough to volunteer their time to take a great picture of you.

After you manage to lose yourself and recollection of how long you’ve been lost, you’ll stumble upon the exit to the maze.  You can then spend the rest of your time having a hot chocolate around a fire, jumping IMG_6333and playing on giant air pillows, feeding the animals, or trying your aim with one of the two giant potato guns.  All of these things are just some of the many other activities that make up the total experience of the Corn Maze.  How much time you spend there, or how you choose to spend it is entirely up to you.  Take the time though to pause and reflect at how it all comes together to make up such a wonderful experience.

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