Happy Halloween!

Ah yes Halloween!  The day the ghosts and goblins are free to play and create mischief.  The day some people turn their lights out and disappear for the evening, so they won’t have to hand out candy to every child and teenager in the neighborhood.  Yes it’s true, many people actually don’t care for the holiday of Halloween.  But like Christmas, you’ll have some that love it and others…, well let’s just say they’re not as fond of it, and wish it would pass quickly.  For myself, Halloween is a day to get creative.

I grew up in a home that embraced all the holidays and to a mother who should’ve been showcased in Martha Stewart’s Living magazine.  Thank the higher powers that Pinterest wasn’t around when I was growing up or I’m certain our house would’ve been a collage of arts, crafts and designs from all regions of the planet.  My mother was, and still is a master of so many crafts from cake decorating to flower arrangements to costume design.  She most likely could’ve exploited her skills to mass quite a fortune had she wanted to pursue such a path.  Having said that, her true passion however, was her children and family.  I admire both these qualities of my mother and was fortunate enough to have inherited some of her artistic skills so that I can dabble and play in the fine arts as well.  It is why I have always come to enjoy Halloween, Christmas and most other holidays we celebrate.

hall9The past weekend my fiancee Chessie and I took part in the “Halloween Howl” 10km race.  This is fundraiser that is hosted each year in Edmonton and Calgary by the Alberta Diabetes Foundation.  People from all over the province come together and raised money for a cause that effects 2 out of every 3 Canadians.  This year over $100,000 was raised.  A huge shout out needs to be given to the Alberta Diabetes Foundation for hosting this event, Trina Beller who spent so much time promoting and marketing it, and to all the organizations and hall4companies from all around Edmonton who donated or entered teams to partake in the event.  I personally want to thank Joanne Dusterhoft and Tara Borle from Mortgage Architects for pledging myself and contributing to our team total.

The run itself began at the University of Alberta’s Butterdome and made a trail that proceeded down into the river valley where it carved out a loop before returning back to its start.  Mother hallnature couldn’t have provided a nicer day to host a fall race as the weather was a balmy sixteen degrees in the river valley, which for this time of year is exceptional.  Many runners dressed lightly wearing only a pair of shorts and running shirt.  Others, who encompassed the full spirit of Halloween dressed in a variety of entertaining and creative costumes.  For Chessie and I, we dressed to run as our costumes were saved for that nights Halloween party we were to attend.


hall3       hall8       Hall1

As mentioned in a previous post, Elsa Oberg of Refresh Dental loves Halloween and all the spooky, gory, and frightening opportunities it presents.   Each year she and her husband host a fantastic costume party that we have been fortunate enough to attend.  This year we decided to dress as Mummies from this years Tom Cruise movie.  Chessie was to be Ahmanet, whereas I was going to get creative and do a male version of the same character.  hall2To my amazement and a little bit of luck, I was very pleased with how our costumes turned out, and I once again have to thank my mother to have blessed me with her artistic talent.  Sometimes when one creates they either fail miserably or succeed gloriously.  I believe that to be creative you have to be willing to make mistakes or you’ll never really create anything.  The party was a success with a large turnout and good times were had by everyone who attended.  Time spent with good friends is never time wasted, and we all had the joy of witnessing creativity and imagination to its fullest.  Creativity takes courage, and to me this is what Halloween is all about.  People expressing themselves and letting their creativity flow freely.  It’s a day one can use as an excuse to be creative and explore their potential.  The costumes this year were excellent so take the time to view the pictures below.  Unfortunately, I was only able to get a few photos of the many that attended.  I hope you enjoy your Halloween and all the creativity that accompanies it.


Peter Pan & Tinkerbell


Gargamel, Grey Smurf, Smurfette & Grouchy Smurf


Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade


Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein



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