It’s That Time!

Well it’s that time of year again folks!  The joys and tribulations of decorating the house, hanging ornaments, climbing on the roof to put up your Christmas lights.  For some this is one giant headache one must suffer through for only a few weeks of satisfaction.  I would certainly agree that it is a lot of work to endure for such a short period of time.  However, for myself it is one of the most pleasurable times of the year.  I simply love the spirit of Christmas and everything that comes with it.  In anticipation of colder weather, I hung my Christmas lights in early October when there was still no snow, and turned them on for the first-time November 15th.  I believe, as many do, that we should not turn our lights on until after Remembrance Day as a sign of respect to the fallen.  After that, it’s fair game.

The past weekend I began and completed one of the most enjoyable events in our house.  The creation and lighting of my Christmas Village.  The Christmas Village is something my mother always did when I was a child, and I will continue the tradition for as long as I can.  If you’re interested, I’d like to take you on a brief walk through the town and show you some of its beauty.  I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.

Let me begin with the newest addition to my village this year.  From outside we have the arrival of the locomotive bringing gifts and joy from far beyond. fullsizeoutput_1281 I believe someone said that Santa will also make his appearance by train this year, but we’ll have to wait and see if this is true or not.  IMG_0111Behind the station we can see the mountains in the background, as well as a lighted Eiffel tower which also makes its first appearance to the village.  Now I know some of you are thinking, wouldn’t that make this village Paris?  The answer is no, which is the beauty of the imagination and creation of a village.  There is no wrong or right, nor does there have to be any rhyme or reason to how the village is constructed.  It can be art deco, abstract, in cartoon, realism or any other form of art you decide to create in.  The real joy is just to let yourself be swept away with Christmas joy and follow wherever it leads you.  There is something so magical about it, and I can spend hours just staring and admiring the detail and intricacies of the many houses and people of town.  IMG_5072I often lose myself somewhere in the village square and imagine what it would be like to walk around and enjoy the festivities within that community.  Or have a hot chocolate around a campfire on the shoreline by the Rocky Cape Lighthouse.  Occasionally I’ll escape into the mountains to Hawks Cabin if some solitude and meditation is needed.  IMG_0065It is here where you often will encounter wildlife and an endless blanket of stars.  Or perhaps you escape to the cabin with your loved one so you can enjoy a romantic cross-country ski expedition, and absorb mother nature’s majestic qualities.  And what town would be complete without at least one older, creepier, haunted house, that the children avoid or run past as fast as they can on their way home from school.

These are all crazy thoughts that flow through my mind as I create my village each year.  It usually takes me a couple of nights and maybe a couple bottles of wine.   The pace of life slows down during this time as I resort back to the days when I was a kid.  This year was a special one for me because I was joined by a lifelong friend, who appeared to have as much fun and enjoyment out of helping me with my creation as I did creating it.  This rings to the heart of what Christmas is and I can’t express enough the gratitude I have for being able to do this.  I also enjoy watching others who visit over the holidays go through it, analyzing the detail and appreciating the time invested to put it together.  I especially love observing the children get so close to it, watching their eyes light up to lord knows what thoughts are running through their minds.  I cannot remember what went through my mind as a child observing my mother’s village, only that Christmas would not be the same without the hustle and bustle of the town within our home.  I hope it creates similar feelings among those in our home.  Without the religious component, I believe this is what Christmas is truly about, creating those feelings of warmth, togetherness, and comfort between families and friends.  Is this not the reason why we spend so much time and put in so much effort to turn our homes into an oasis of kindness and generosity?  I wish you many blessings this holiday season and hope that you find peace and joy wherever you are, or whatever you’re doing.


  1. Lorrie Cameron says:

    Thank you for sharing this Chessie! Ricks pride and tradition in this village is beautiful. What a beautiful treasure to be enjoyed for many Christmas’ to come. Wishing you both an amazing Christmas season 😘😘


  2. Enjoyed your post. The village looks great. This is an idea that I am trying to spread as we all enjoy the comforts of the holiday season. If you like it, please share it. Thanks, Rita


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